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CPR Request Application for Child Welfare

Friday, July 17, 2020

Instructions and Online Submission for CPR Customers

Submit the application here if the request is related to adoption, guardianship, foster care, kinship care, custody or visitation purposes whether it’s for the applicant/caregiver, an adult household member or a back-up caregiver. Be sure to get the application notarized or submit a government-issued photo ID. CFSA processes requests within 45 days of receiving the application, or sooner for emergency temporary kinship licenses.

Step 1

  • Scroll down to get the application
  • Name your application as "firstname_lastname_app_mm-dd-yy.pdf
  • Name your photo ID as "firstname_lastname_ID_mm-dd-yy.pdf" or .docx, .jpeg, etc.
  • Name a combined application and ID as "firstname_lastname_app_ID_mm-dd-yy.pdf
  • Do not put periods, punctuation or special characters in your file name

Step 2

  • Upload your completed application and ID files one at a time by pressing the "Browse your device" link below.

Step 3

  • Enter an email address and a description of the document to upload (e.g., Application or Identification) and then click "upload" for each document.