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Mayor's Services Liaison Office

Court house on a busy city street.


The H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse is a courthouse of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia located in the Judiciary Square neighborhood of Washington, D.C. It was named in honor of the former Chief Judge H. Carl Moultrie, who was appointed an associate judge in 1972 and chief judge on June 22, 1978.


The Mayor’s Services Liaison Office (MSLO) was established under the District of Columbia Family Court Act of 2001. The MSLO is located in Room JM-185 of the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, D.C. Superior Court Family Court, 500 Indiana Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001. The Mayor’s Services Liaison Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Steps to Register for Services

Please note: Hard copies of court orders/court-involvement paperwork can be obtained from JM-300. Additionally, only Family Court self-referrals will be accepted.

Step 1 - Court Order / Court Involved Paperwork (issued within 30 days) *required documentation.

Step 2 - Visit (walk-in) during business hours (JM-185), 2. receive a completed MSLO referral form from the Self-Help Center (JM-570), 3. submit the MSLO referral form provided by the presiding judge during business hours, or 4. Complete the Mayor’s Liaison Services Office Online Referral Form.

Please note: Additional information may be necessary to deliver services. In those cases, a team member will connect with the family member, or referral source.

Step 3 – A Mayor’s Services Liaison Office member will make contact. If the referral is accepted, the status will change to “in progress.” If the service request is returned, an explanation will be provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary objectives of the Mayor’s Services Liaison Office are to:

  • Support social workers, caseworkers, probation officers, attorneys, and judicial officers by identifying and facilitating the delivery of social and related community-based services to children and families involved in Family Court proceedings; and
  • Provide information to the Family Court on the availability and provision of services and resources across multiple District agencies. The following District agencies are represented on-site: CFSA, DCPS, DDS (RSA and DDA), DCHA, DBH, and DOES.

Role of MSLO Agency Liaisons

  • The District agency liaisons, represented in the Mayor’s Services Liaison Office, respond to inquiries and requests for information from the referring source (who may include social workers, probation officers, attorneys, and judicial officers) concerning educational, housing, and social and related health and human services and resource inquiries.
  • Referrals for interagency coordination are made by submitting an MSLO referral form. When a referral is made by someone other than the assigned agency social worker or caseworker, the MSLO will provide the assigned social worker or caseworker with notification that a referral has been made, as well as the name(s) and contact information for the designated agency liaison representative(s).
  • The assigned agency liaisons work to access available resources and facilitate interagency collaboration among multiple agencies to resolve outstanding service issues for children and families involved in Family Court proceedings.

Who Can Receive Assistance from the MSLO?

All children and families involved in proceedings before the D.C. Superior Court Family Court may be referred and receive assistance from the Mayor’s Services Liaison Office before leaving the Courthouse.

Where to Obtain an MSLO Referral Form?

MSLO referral form may be accessed here or from the MSLO Office located in Room JM-185 at the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse. Referrals will be logged formally, and on-site liaisons will confer with the assigned social worker, and/or attorney, and family member(s) to obtain any additional information necessary to resolve the service issue.


Child and Family Services Agency

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Developmental Disability Administration (DDA)

Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Department of Employment Services

District of Columbia Superior Court – Family Court

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Grandparent Program


Additional Information

Monthly Events at the Family Success Centers:

Contact Us

H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse

500 Indiana Ave, NW

Judiciary Square (Red Line)

Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter (Yellow/Green Line)

Mayor’s Service Liaison Office Main Number


Krystal Branton, Supervisory Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist: [email protected].

Room JM-185

Office Hours – 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.