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Child Protection Register (CPR)

Child Protection Register Unit Operating Status During COVID-19 Partial Telework Period

The Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) building is currently closed to the public until April 27 or until such date as the Mayor determines that the District Government shall resume full operations. During this time, no in-person applications or mail are being accepted. However, the CPR business operations are continuing, and the standard turn-around times are currently in place. Please note there may be slight delays as we transition to an electronic process. Applications are being accepted electronically; please see instructions here. The CPR main number 202-727-8885 is active and the general email [email protected] will be monitored and responded to within 24 hours or the next business day.

  • Click here to get the CPR check application for employment purposes
  • Click here to get the CPR check application for child welfare purposes

El edificio de la Agencia de Servicios para Niños y Familias (CFSA) está actualmente cerrado al público hasta el 27 de abril o hasta la fecha en que la Alcaldesa determine que el Gobierno del Distrito reanudará las operaciones completas. Durante este tiempo, no se aceptan solicitudes o correos en persona. Sin embargo, las operaciones de CPR continúan y los tiempos de respuesta regular están actualmente vigentes. Tenga en cuenta que puede haber demoras cortas en lo que hacemos la transición a un proceso electrónico. Las solicitudes se aceptan electrónicamente; por favor vea las instrucciones y enviar aquí. El número principal de CPR 202-727-8885 está activo y el correo electrónico general [email protected] será monitoreado y respondido dentro de 24 horas o el siguiente día de trabajo.

Background Checks

The Child Protection Register (CPR) is one part of the background check process. There are four primary background checks that are done for foster and adoptive parents, childcare providers and others caring for or working with children:

  • Criminal: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which includes criminal records from all 50 states
  • Criminal: The National Sex Offender Registry, also known as Adam Walsh, which is included in the FBI check
  • Criminal: The Local Police Department
  • Civil: The Child Protection Register (CPR) which is a non-criminal record check to see if an individual has been substantiated for the abuse or neglect of a child

CPR is a confidential database of people known or strongly suspected to have abused or neglected children in DC. At the close of an investigation of child abuse/neglect, CFSA must enter names into the CPR based on either of the following findings:

  • Substantiated: A report which is supported by credible evidence that a child was abused or neglected and the person in question was the maltreator.
  • Inconclusive: A report which is supported by credible evidence that a child was abused or neglected but the person in question cannot be proven to be the maltreator.
  • Unfounded: A report which has no basis in fact, was made maliciously or in bad faith, or for which the person in question was not the maltreator.

Check Child-Serving Employees

As a business or agency that serves children, you must require prospective or current employees or volunteers who work directly with children to get a CPR background check by using the CPR Check Application for Employment Purposes. Be sure to get the application notarized before you mail it or hand-deliver it to CFSA. CFSA processes requests within 45 days of receiving the application. As a courtesy, applications for new hires are typically processed within 14 days.

Check Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parents

As a child-placing agency that licenses foster parents or an adoption agency that conducts home studies, you must get CPR background checks of prospective foster or adoptive parents.

  • Traditional foster or adoptive parents must use the CPR Check Application for Child Welfare Purposes. If you are not being licensed by CFSA, be sure to get your application notarized before you submit it to CFSA. CFSA processes requests within 45 days of receiving the application.
  • Kinship caregivers getting a temporary license in DC, use the CPR Check Application for Child Welfare Purposes. For fastest processing, follow all instructions on the form. Kin being licensed by CFSA do not need to get the application notarized. CFSA processes requests within 45 days of receiving the application or sooner for emergency temporary licenses.

Check a Person Under Investigation in Another Jurisdiction

As a child welfare agency in another jurisdiction, you may need to ask CFSA for information about people you are investigating for child abuse/neglect. Since they previously lived or worked in DC, follow these steps.

  • Write a letter of request on your agency letterhead. Include the full name, birth date, social security number, and any former addresses in DC for the person to be checked. Include your name, title, and telephone number as the requesting official.
  • Fax the letter to Supervisor, DC Child Protection Register Unit, at (202) 727-5750. CFSA will provide a verbal report within 24 hours. Within five days, you will get a written report of the family's history with the District child welfare system since 1999.
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