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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Instructions and Online Submission for CPR Customers

Submit the application here for any individual getting a first-time clearance for work with your organization - a new employee, contractor, volunteer or intern or a current employee, contractor, volunteer or intern who has a new position which requires a child protection clearance. Be sure to upload a color copy of a government-issued photo ID as well. As a courtesy, applications for new hires are processed within 14 days of receiving a correct and complete application.

Step 1

  • Click here to get the application
  • Download it on your computer and name the file with the applicant's name, document type and submission date, for example: John-Doe-App-10-01-2021 and John-Doe-ID-10-01-2021 or John-Doe-App-ID-10-01-2021
  • Do not put periods, punctuation or special characters in your file name 
  • Put the date of submission in the file name - NOT the applicant's date of birth 

Step 2

  • Upload your completed application and ID by pressing the "Browse your device" link below
  • Do not combine multiple applications and submit them all together, upload one at a time

Step 3

  • Enter an email address and a description of the files (e.g., application or ID) and then click "upload" 
  • You won't receive a confirmation email, but you will see a message that says "Success! Your file has been uploaded."